Guess what?!

Alright everyone – you can breathe again. After 45 days down, High Voltage is finally back! And the relaunch couldn’t have come at a better time… Christmas! Which means it will be time for the High Voltage staff TOP 5 lists very soon.

You may notice that some images are missing on the site. That’s because we lost all of our graphics when our old hosting company decided to go MIA. We recovered what we could and are at least happy to have a year’s worth of reviews.

Besides that, I’ve got big news. I’ll be heading out on tour with 100 Monkeys starting December 26th. We’ll be out for a month and I’ll be updating daily with the latest local band discoveries, stories from the road, travel mix tapes, etc.

So update your bookmarks and keep checking back. High Voltage is back and better than ever! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!