The Coathangers – Live @ The Barbary

The Coathangers
@ The Barbary
October 6, 2009

There are four girls in tattered clothing, adorned with blue warpaint, shrieking at nothing in particular… and the show hasn’t even begun. They could either be transplanted cavegrrrls or 2009’s best take on “punk.” Returning the City of Sisterly Affection for the first time in nearly two years, Atlanta PostR. Grrrls, The Coathangers, brought the most abrasive display of Rock’N’Roll the city has seen all year. Highlighting the set were brilliantly sloppy performances of songs from their latest LP, Scramble. The morbidly jarring “Toomerhead” had the grrrls twitching across the stage like psychiatric patients with the DTs, the inaudibly anthemic “Gettin’ Mad and Pumpin’ Iron” turned out to be just as scary as it was rousing to those in the first three rows, and “Arthritis Suxx” proved to be just as crassly infectious as it’s title is poignant. – Izzy Cihak