Making My Way Back Home

As I sit in LaGuardia waiting to board a flight back to LA I thought I’d write a blurb about last night.

Really there isn’t much to talk about. Besides another plethora of mediocre music I did see two acts I really enjoyed. One I was already familiar with, Twin Atlantic, and another I discovered that night called Rubik.

Twin Atlantic is an indie band from Glasgow with a freshly released debut album on Red Bull Records. They exude a ton of energy onstage that picks up even the slowest of their songs. You can also see/feel the passion they have for their music when they play which I think helps the audience connect further. Sound wise, Twin Atlantic is not doing anything unique – think Arctic Monkeys & The Filthy Souls – however they write solid songs and there’s definitely a hit or two in there.

Rubik I don’t know as much about, but was digging all the synth power and danceable grooves. Will definitely have to look into them further and I suggest you do the same.

Well, time to board my flight home. CMJ is was pleasure even if I could only make two days of it.


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