Innerpartysystem at Warped Tour = Awesome

This was one of the bands I was most excited to see. IPS is an
electronic rock band that makes me want to dance – which they
encourage everyone to do. I’ve seen them before, however this time was
without their ususal light show. New to the set was full electronic
breakdowns, samples manipulated on the stage, performed in and in
between songs. I’d actually like to see them dj sometime. These guys
are true performers -raw emotion clearly visable and definitely felt.
Never before have I seen a keyboardist rock so hard. Still baffled by
the huge orange pole in the middle of the stage that created
distortion when moved around by the frontman- awesome and unique (see
photo gallery when posted). So Innerpartysystem was amazing, I knew
every word to the songs, and I look forward to their second album.
Check out their tunes sometime.

Set list:
Heart On Fire
Die Tonight Live Forever
Last Night In Brooklyn
Don’t Stop

– Sarah Berkowitz