I should have used sunscreen @ Warped

Streetlight Manifesto

Overheard their set as I waited for Senses Fail. Ska, fun, and anyone that covers NOFX’s Linoleum (and sounds great) gets kudos from me. I will definitely look into them some more.

Senses Fail – SmartPunk Stage

Crowd formed early and compressed toward the center as the band took the stage- always a good sign. They played songs like Rum Is For Drink, Not Burning; Bonecrusher; and Calling All Cars. Killer set.


I’ve been wanting to see this band for a while and they did not disappoint. This hardcore five piece band, hailing from Canada, has interludes of gnarly screaming, catchy riffs, and an overwhelming amount of stage presence. The songs are dynamic – slower parts, chorus’ you can sing, and then the double pedal hits you like a ton of bricks in all its aggressive glory! Apparently the crowd was not living up to the band’s expectations as they egged the audience on in hopes of seeing more energy and circle pits… That’s what I like to hear. Can’t wait to hear the new album and listen to it on repeat.

Well, I’m sunburned. Very sunburned and tired. Spotted some questionable fashion statements I’m going to attempt to forget I saw; located lots of cheap merch; and listened to great music all day. I may have a slight crush on Warped Tour, and I’m sorry it’s over. But I’m already looking forward to next year. – Sarah Berkowitz

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