Warped Tour – Carson, CA

Saosin started off with “7 years” from the EP Translating The Name — and the crowd knew every word. Their new record, In Search of Solid Ground, hits stores on September 8th. They played a new song off the upcoming album –“I Keep My Secrets Safe” — not as high impact as “7 Years” but it still captured my attention; followed by “Voices” of the self titled album.

HDR, one of my favorite local LA bands, played on the Kia Kevin Says Stage. This was the last of their 4 dates on Warped. God bless the bassist, Amy, for being 8 months pregnant and still rocking the stage. I can’t believe the Prince song “When Doves Cry” made it into their set. Does anyone else remember the set they played at Viper Room that was entirely Prince songs?! So cool and an awesome rock band.

Just walked over to Silverstein on the main stage, pretty sure I spy a circle pit. – Sarah Berkowitz
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