Sorry for the lack of blogging today, folks.  Pitchfork destroyed my physical health.  All of the joints in my body ache, my feet are in pain and I have even MORE bruises today than I thought!  I wasn’t even in a Black Lips-esque crowd today . . .

Was it worth it, though?  Yes, I do believe so.  Granted I spent most of my day sitting in the grass trying to fight off sleep and casually standing in a crowd during a show like I didn’t belong there, I had a lot of fun and I was introduced to a lot of bands that will soon take up some space in my iTunes folder.

For instance, I think there is a huge possibility of me becoming a big fan of Women.  And Vivian Girls.  And Killer Whales.  I had no preconceived notion of these three bands before I witnessed a show of each today.  The first two were recommended to me by a friend, and the latter was just a random one I came across while wandering aimlessly about Union Park.  I’m glad I took the time to see all three today because I think they’re all pretty great.  Pitchfork opened my ears to new acts today, and that’s perfect because I was looking to get into some new music.  Now I have three additional bands to dig on now.

After seeing Vivian Girls, I made my way through the sea of people between the ‘A’ and ‘C’ stage.  I wanted to catch some of Grizzly Bear’s set.  Grizzly Bear would be another example of a band I didn’t know too much about . . . until recently.  I got a hold of their latest release, Veckatimist, a couple of weeks ago and I instantly loved it.  I actually listened to it quite a bit on my way home to Michigan last weekend.  Anyhow, Grizzly Bear’s live set blew me away; I definitely plan on investing into their past discography.

On to the only band I knew:  the Flaming Lips.  Although I only stayed through one song (don’t be mad.  I was tired!), their stage presence is incredible.  The stage set-up, their entrance, Wayne Coyne being very personable with the fans long before their set started . . . and the plastic crowd-surfing bubble!  The whole shebang . . . incredible.  Even the fans!  When I saw the Mae Shi earlier today, there was already a family of Flaming Lips mega fans – all decked out in alien costumes – claiming their spot for the Flaming Lips’ set almost nine hours later.  Incredible.  Only goes to show, bands:  the more you give to your fans, your fans will give you 10x more.  I think the Flaming Lips are the best example of that.

Currently, I am sitting on my bed, typing this final report of Pitchfork for ya’ll.  All of the photos I took today just finished uploading to my Mac, but I’m way too exhausted to go through any.  So by tomorrow evening, you all can see what I saw at Pitchfork with a little photo blog.  Right here.

Until then,