Remember when I said last night I might have more from Pitchfork for tomorrow (that's today)?

Guess what?

I got in to Sunday's version of Pitchfork. With my SLR! I'm not gonna say how, but I'll just say that Patrice and I are a dynamic duo when it comes to music festivals.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm back at Pitchfork. I had a lot of fun here yesterday and I plan on doing the same today.

Currently, I am sitting at the 'B' stage, waiting for what I thought was the Mae Shi. No, it was Michael Columbia. Wrong stage. I'll head to the correct stage in a bit. But you can definitely see – and smell – the aftermath of Black Lips set from last night. The barricade is a mess and the ground smelled like a boys high school locker room. I wonder how many hours it took for Pitchfork volunteers to make this area look presentable for today.

OK, on to stage 'A' for the Mae Shi. More later!

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