I Love . . .

Matt & Kim. I forgot how much I loved them.

It was two years ago the last time I saw them. This was at Lollapalooza. They were the first band to go on that Saturday at the Addidas stage (odd I remember this so vividly!) Of course, when your one of the first bands to kick off a huge festival on a Saturday, said band has low expectations of how many people will see them. Every festival goer is still recovering from the Friday portion of the festival and certainly does not want to be back where the debauchery started at 11:30AM the next morning.

Regardless, I showed up early and waited faithfully for this band to start their set. I was at the baricade, just waiting, and every so often I would see a bigger crowd. By time Matt & Kim took the stage, the crowd was HUGE. This many people came to see them? This mostly unknown band? I was surprised and ecstatic. So was the band. Matt could believe what he saw and he thanked the crowd numerous times for being there and not understanding why.

Fast forward two summers later, and you still have the same band, just a little bit more used to the success. Matt & Kim are still very personable and appreciative with their audiencen just a bit more cocky. And that's a GOOD thing. Kim still smiles with every drum beat and Matt absolutely means every word he sings to you. Just how it should be. I think it will be this way for a long time with Matt & Kim.

God, I LOVE this band!


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