Oh Haaaiii, Pitchfork.

To Everyone Who Made Read This:

Jade here.  Yes, its been a while since I posted in the Festival section of High Voltage Magazine.  Mostly due to the fact that I have a lot of school work through out the year (one year left!) and work to tend to during the weekdays, reporting about festivals this summer has not happened much, obviously.  Its kind of an odd thing, too, since Chicago may be known for holding numerous neighborhood festivals during the Summer season.  None of which I've attended.  Sad, I know. 

BUT, starting in about nine hours (CST), festival season begins for me, as I will be covering the ins and outs of Pitchfork Music Festival.  Only Saturday though; I was late on getting a Sunday ticket.  A disappointing thing for me to talk about. 

So, here is my scheduled game plan. 

– Stick around Stage "B" AKA the Balance Stage all day. 

You might be thinking why I would stick around one stage the entire day.  I'm going to give you two reasons.  1.  I want to see Black Lips up close and somehow try to take some decent photos of their set (no press pass = no decent camera.  Make due with what you have, though!)  2. All of the bands I want to see happen to be playing the Balance stage.  Matt & Kim, Wavves (if they show . . . Primavera Sound Fest, anyone?), Bowerbirds, etc.  So this works out for me.  Although, I do want to see some of the National's set.  Maybe I'll do this towards the end of Black Lips set . . .

By the way, don't count on me sticking to this schedule of mine.  I actually had a written schedule for the first day of SXSW 2009 and did not follow it at all.  So tomorrow may be full of surprises here.  I guess we'll see.

Jaaaaaade Amey.

Everyone do a "NO RAIN AT PITCHFORK" dance.  It's supposed to rain a lot and be cold in nine hours.  We don't want that, now do we?