Sex Slaves – Wasted Angel

Sex Slaves
Wasted Angel

Wasted Angel is the sound of the Sex Slaves emerging from the glittered grime of the NYC underground to infect the masses. After traveling through every corner of America, the band seems to have picked up a thing or two from every kind of local, from the zombie-fied Goth rockers to the synthetically-inclined scenesters and the retro sleaze rockers. “Bloodlust” has the sound of a hazy night drinking whiskey with Wednesday 13, “Sssssay What?” evokes images of tattooed go-go dancers shaking their black vinyl-clad asses, and “Beautiful Embrace” has the sound of mirrorballs colliding with studded belts. The album’s most satisfying track is “Liquor Store Romance,” an ineffably infectious piece of power pop that could rock pint-sized punks at the Warped Tour or kick off a night of arena rock for their parents. Although the guys turned down the vulgarity on this release (likely in the hopes of having a radio edit that runs for more than a minute and thirty seconds), they did include their road-tested, anthemic ode to sensuality (and linguistics), “Fuk 4 Luv,” and with any luck, by the end of the year they can have packed amphitheaters chanting “I don’t fuck for love and you don’t love me. Let’s get it on!” – Izzy Cihak