Does it really have to end?

Simian Mobile Disco may have had one of the best stage set ups. One circular table with a ton of equipment on it. They move around the table adjusting knobs and buttons, and sonic shifts get the audience moving. Killer music.

Infected Mushroom. Not sure what hasn't already been said about them, but they are truly amazing. "Run run run to the cities of the future" the crowd sings along to the entire song. The live show is full of energy and their sound is a bit more heavy then other sets I've seen. I'm buying all their music when I get home. And for the record, a great looking group of extremely talented artists!

Paul Van Dyk. You know his name because he is spectacular at what he does. Definitely more trance-like. He is completely unifying the masses, filling the coliseum, into one single entity. The crowd is completely responsive. His new single "Home" transitions beautifully throughout starting out with a strong beat, slowing down, mixing in sick vocals: repeat. These words are said from the stage as Paul Van Dyk performs: "Tonight we're all dancing as one."

Side note: I saw a lot of people with pacifiers tonight.

So until next year, I will miss you Electric Daisy Carnival.

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