I Can’t Stop The Beat

I’ve got a couple of albums I can’t stop spinning right now and felt the need to talk about them further on this space.

1. Cage The ElephantCage The Elephant: These San Diego “hipsters” are really leaving quite the impression everywhere they go. Their debut album has a good four singles (at least) on it and their live show doesn’t disappoint. On top of that, the tunes stick in your head for days — which is why I barely take a break from listening to this disc.
Key Tracks: “In One Ear”, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, and “Back Against The Wall”.

2. Band of SkullsBaby Darling Dollface Honey: British rockers that will surely take America by storm if Shangri-La Music (Home to other artist sensations such as The Duke Spirit & Amazing Baby) & myself have anything to say about it. Their brand of blues-rock is simply irresistible. Think a bastard child of a nasty divorce by The White Stripes & The Raconteurs.
Key Tracks: The entire album!

– Chelsea Schwartz