En Route to M3

Maybe this is better put in the festival section, but since I'm not quite there yet I'm placing it here. Why? Because I can.

Sitting at the airport waiting to board my oh-so-fabulous Southwest flight to M3. Just paid $6 for a Naked Green Machine – what is THAT about? Just because we're stuck within the confines of the terminal when waiting for a flight doesn't mean you should rape us in the ass (sorry for any kids reading this editorial). I mean seriously now, the economy is already suffering and that doesn't mean you should start charging MORE for things. Ugh!

*end of vent*

So this weekend is one of rock. 80s Hair Metal/Glam at today's finest including the ever-so-glamourous Steel Panther, KIX, Extreme, Jetboy and more. Full reports to come soon…

What I want to know now is – what is everyone currently listening to?


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