All Good Things Come to An End.

This includes SXSW 2009.  As far as music events go, this is the best time I've ever had at such event.  Five full days of music everywhere you turn is like a dream to me; and it kind of was.  I can't remember what shows I saw on which day; I can't even remember how many random shows I saw.  Its all a blur almost. 

Like Chelsea, I'm suffering from this post SXSW depression thing.  I know if SXSW happened every week, there would be no way I could live a healthy life.  So much alcohol consumption, such little sleep and food consumption.  I wouldn't have had it any other way, though.  All of the people I met, and all of the people I got to see after looooong periods of not seeing them, and the music definitely outway the unhealthy lifestyle during the week.  Although this was my first year at SX, I definitely plan on going every single year from now on.  Keep a look out!

Here's a little list I compiled of SXSW stuff:

Best Discovered Bands:  Red Cortez and Hacienda (Hacienda is also Dan Auerbach's backing band at the moment).

Best SXSW Show:  Dan Auerbach playing at a house hidden by the woods at 3AM.  You already read my rave about this.

Best Gin & Tonic:  You can find it at the Continental Club on Congress. 

Best Randomness Happening:  Hanging out at the Four Seasons while using their open bar and hammocks for a few hours.

Favorite Artists I Met:  Amanda Palmer (that Fisheye photo looks excellent, btw) and Cold War Kids.

I'm currently in Lake Tahoe, visiting a friend I went to high school with.  She's at class, so I'm sitting in her dorm room editing videos and photos (all of which you will see soon enough), and watching Full House.  Only Uncle Jesse can get away with wearing sweat pants and a sleeveless, button-up shirt.  I leave here Thursday, then it's back to the school/work grind on Friday. 

Oh boy.