Well Well Well

I haven't done much today; just worked at shows that my boss helped coordinate. I had a blast at all of them though. I saw the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra, which was awesome. Then I headed over to Red Fez, where Blackland Records was holding a showcase. Hymns and the Sleeptalkers (Andrew Langer from the Redwalls' new band). Hymns played a couple of songs at the end of their set with Daniel Johnston. I didn't even know the Daniel Johnston thing would happen until I arrived at Red Fez, so as you may guess, I was pretty surprised and happy with this turn of events.

After the Blackland Records showcase, I chilled with my boss and the Sleeptalkers for a while, then headed over to Submerged to see Ezra Furman & the Harpoons' showcase for Minty Fresh Records. While waiting for the Harpoons to go on, I watched this band called the Subjects perform. As I said in a previous post, its good to hang around shows to hear bands you've never heard of before, they may be really good.

After that, the Harpoons went on, and blew the showcase out of the water. I definitely see big things happening for this band this year, so keep an eye out for them. They'll blow you out of the water, too.

I hung out with the Harpoons just until recently, when I saw them off on their way back to Boston. Now I'm waiting for the girl I'm staying with to get back to her apartment so she can let me in to pass out. Sleeping at her doorstep might be a definite option.

Not much happening tomorrow. I'm going to see NTO again around 7, but I'll see what's up with Austin prior to that.

Much Love,


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