My Feet Hurt

I need to stop wearing boots at these music fests . . .

Anyway, today turned out to be pretty easy. The Ivorys were pretty B.A. as usual. After their set, I headed over to Red 7 to see the Hard Lessons. They are easily my favorite band from my home state (which is Michigan, if you haven’t guessed already). They were MARVELOUS. That band will always be amazing. THL has so much energy on stage, and Augie and Korin are the cutest band couple ever. Augie pulled some stage acrobatics, as usual, by climbing the metal pipes above the stage. You could tell who hasn’t seen them before because when that started, everyone below them was either scared they would be kicked or encouraging him to continue the stunt. All in all, I adore THL and I can’t wait to see them some more this week.

Other than that, I chilled with Ezra Furman & the Harpoons for most of the day; where we found an open bar at the Four Seasons and hammocks to rest on. We definitely took advantage of both.

Currently, I’m sitting; waiting to see Delta Spirit and Black Lips. I never thought sitting would feel so good.

Jade Amey
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