Day Two, Wrap Report

Howdy folks!

Day Two has far surpassed Day One and I have a strong feeling Day Three will wipe out Day Two. Wow!!

Highlights of the day:

1. Discovering the Myspace Music/SPIN Magazine loft which was full of all the bands I want to see this year, drinks, amazing catering from WAHOO, gifting, schmoozing, old friends and more. Meeting John Norris of MTV News fame, seeing Tinted Windows a day before I expected, etc.

2. I finally met Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. His name band, Hot Leg, is performing tomorrow and I'm super stoked!! Make sure you friend them on myspace, twitter, etc. They will definitely rock your socks off.

3. Running into tons of people from the High Voltage past and present including Living Things, Mack Winston and The Reflections, Vince Hans (, Becca Balin (Dramaturgy), Phil Kosch (Double Door – Chicago), Hymns, and so much more.

4. Halloween Town, a band from Las Vegas. They were fantastic!

It's 3:34 am and I'm heading for sleep… Although my day is starting early tomorrow so it's more like a nap… G'night!


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