Birds Eye View by Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney
Birds Eye View
(Spinmove Records)
Reviewed By: Naimah Holmes

The opening track of Amy Kuney’s Birds Eye View, “Simple Things,” sets the tone of the record as whimsical, lighthearted, and full of heart, a reminder that “It’s the simple things that make us feel at home.” At times it sounds as if every song is meant to stand alone. Each is strong lyrically and Kuney’s voice is full and just as lush as her music. The general theme of Birds Eye View is that of love, whether it’s being lost in “Would You Miss Me,” gained in “Thank You For Last Night,” or being dissected in “Love is Trippy.” What is lacking in fluidity and alignment Kuney more than makes up for with her skill in arrangements. Kuney’s got a knack for blending piano, acoustic guitar, horns, strings, and backing vocals as this album proves.

Birds Eye View is a sparkling debut from a gifted singer whose YouTube videos caught the eye of Damien Rice this past summer. Soon after, Kuney had gotten herself a roundtrip ticket to open for Rice for a string of shows in Iceland.