Davy by Coconut Records

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Reviewed By: Jade Amey

If you love Jason Schwartzman as much as I do, then I’m sure you were eager to get your hands on his sophomore album earlier this week. Recording under the alias Coconut Records, Schwartzman’s second solo effort, Davy, is just as good as his first, Nighttiming.

Davy is reminiscent of a Sgt. Pepper’s . . . era album, complete with horns and the sounds of an orchestra warming up, distinctly heard in the track “Drummer.” Little piano numbers such as “Any Fun” can take you back to this Beatles album as well, yet, the song “Courtyard” can remind someone of an Elliott Smith tune with the soft acoustic guitar only the lyrics aren’t as depressing.

Aside from the comparisons, another reason why you should like this album is because it keeps you interested, especially after the first few all-the-way-through listens (not on shuffle, either!). Most songs on this album consist of neat endings, be it Schwartzman yelling and jamming, or little tunes; “I Am Young” and “Is This Sound Okay?” are good examples of this. This system that Schwartzman worked out with his songs is refreshing; you don’t hear many albums that do this anymore.

2009 will be a great year for music. Davy is a prime example of this. Lets keep this trend up, my musically-inclined friends!

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