Girls on Film by Von Iva

Von IvaVon Iva | Girls On Film | (INgrooves) |
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

Until recently there was thought that there’s to be little to be found in the soul of a punk aside from safety pins and dated zines. But with the evolution of bands like the Gossip and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs into acts fit for mainstream consumption, the world of music has found a lush and dance-able electro soulfulness in select punk divas. San Francisco’s Von Iva epitomizes this pastiche of sounds with a sincerity and authenticity previously unknown.

The sound of Girls on Film, Von Iva’s third release, can only be described as mirror balls shattering under Chuck Taylors. “Livin for It” and “Electricity” are fit to be anthems for rainbow-flavored dance clubs around the world, “Guise” combines the attitude of Max’s Kansas City with the musicality of Studio 54, and “Birds of Prey” is the sound of a brassy and sassy brand of feminist eroticism. Von Iva are the perfect example of the kind of girls who are not only elegantly and fashionably out of your league, but who could also beat your ass on and off the dance floor without breaking a sweat or devaluing their designer kicks.

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