Look At Life Again Soon by The Ettes

The Ettes | Look at Life Again Soon (Take Root Records) |

With The Strokes and The Vines out of the spotlight, it’s finally safe to go back to the garage. Joining the ranks of the Gore Gore Girls and the Charms, The Ettes’ second full-length, Look at Life Again Soon, brings sounds until-recently thought to be relegated to Herschell Gordon Lewis films and only the most pretentious record store clerks. The Ettes manage to blend authentic 60’s Garage Rock with a modern audible chicness that could underscore any downtown, underground psychedelic dance party or the edgiest uptown runway show. In under 28 minutes vocalist Lindsay “Coco” Hames spits through 11 tales of teenage lust gone awry. Simplistically pissy chorus-driven tracks like “I Get Mine” and “Pay Up” sound like The Gossip as produced by Phil Spector while “You Can’t Do That To Me” and “Girls Are Mad” have them sounding like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on a cocktail of nitrous and amphetamines.

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