Hyped By: Izzy Cihak

Finally, high school cheerleaders and burgeoning scenesters have something to bond over. The sound of Avian X, Natalia Ivachkevitch’s foray into the glamorous world of NYC Synth Pop, provides the link between Madonna and The Sounds. With all the dance-able sass of Shiny Toy Guns, but lacking the Post-Punk-inspired edge of peers like Theo and the Skyscrapers, Avian X would be fit for a Warped Tour stage or an opening slot for the Material Girl alike. “My Life” could be mistaken for a Katy Perry B-side, “Fears” pairs gently haunting synths with a powerage of dance club soul, and “Fierce Explosion” produces a sweet and easily palatable darkness reminiscent of The Birthday Massacre. Despite the trend, it’s still hard not to love neon-clad platinums raised on Parallel Lines.