Small Steps, Heavy Hooves by Dear And The Headlights

Dear And The Headlights | Small Steps, Heavy Hooves |

There’s something so fresh and alluring about Dear And The Headlights. You notice it the first time you listen to Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. The warmth of Ian Metzger’s voice accompanied by the melodies from both guitars and bass, and the pulsing of the drums. Every song could be the soundtrack to your life, weaving in and out of memories as if you were flipping through an old photo album. Topics like holding onto years gone by (“Skinned Knees” and “Gapped Teeth”), looking back at times you might want to forget (“Oh No!”) but knowing that those situations, times, and places made you who you are today, loss (“I’m Bored You’re Amorous”), the realization of falling in love (“I Just Do”), self doubt and self destruction (“Run In the Front”) have all their bases covered and then some on Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. From the emotion in the vocals to the almost heart breaking arrangements of each instrument and the delicate tone of the piano, Dear And The Headlights are all there. ~ Naimah Holmes

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