Gangsta Rap Rock

Say whaa?

What happens when you listen to Tupac and Eminem (to name a few) but have an inner rockstar fighting to get out? You get the start of something good. Meet Hyro Da Hero, only 20 years old, from Houston, TX. Hyro’s sound is straight gangsta flow over rock and roll beats, guaranteed to get you to bob your head and take notice. His lyrics aren’t thrown together just because they rhyme or sound good. They have a message behind them, something hip-hop seems to have lost in recent years. In a groundbreaking maneuver, Hyro Da Hero has made his own mixtape, a collection of his own material available online for free download via his iLike page. Just a taste of what is yet to come!

“Tainted Love” [mp3]
“Enter the Dragon” [mp3]

You like? Download the rest of his mixtape over on iLike.

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