Lose All Time by You Say Party! We Say Die!

You Say Party! We Say Die! | Lose All Time (Fierce Panda) |

Consistent with the current dance-punk leanings of their sonar peers, You Say Party! We Say Die! have come to conquer, and these Vancouver natives are not going down without a fight. Lose All Time (2007) manages to find a succinct balance between pretty and downright ruthless without missing a beat.

Becky Ninkovic (singer) jumps between throaty whispers and desperate wailings that would make Siouxsie proud. “Monster,” their first (and quite possibly only) stateside single off the new album is definitely the best of the bunch. But sorry, fellow Americans, if you want to see YSP live, you’ll have to get your passports ready – bad visas will be keeping them out of the States ’til 2011. — Jill Wierenga

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