The Streets, The Sound, The Love by New Atlantic

New Atlantic
The Streets, The Sound, The Love
(Eyeball Records)

Over the past few years the east coast has been buzzing about New Atlantic. Among the devoted fans were a few naysayers who doubted New Atlantic’s powerful pop-rock would go anywhere at all. With a few national tours under their belts and now their highly anticipated debut, The Streets, The Sound, and The Love, New Atlantic puts all the negative energy behind them and focus on what’s to come. They cover it all from missing the ones you love while on the road (“Cold Hearted Town”), to reassuring those you’ve left that you’ll be back and think of then often (“Layer Up”), and knowing when it’s time to let go (“The Ever After”.) It’s safe to say that New Atlantic are worthy of all the praise they’ve gotten, from word of mouth to interviews everyone can find something to rave about. Their sound is smooth and uplifting, and the lyrics are truthful and comforting at best. If they continue to push themselves to be greater than they already are, that’s all I could hope for. The Streets, The Sound, and The Love is a great addition to any music lover’s library, you’ll be spreading the word in no time. — Naimah Holmes

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