Daphne Loves Derby by Goodnight, Witness Light

Daphne Loves Derby | Good Night, Witness Light (Outlook Music) |

With just a few clicks of a mouse you can find out all you need to know these days about your favorite band. And you will without a doubt come across the Seattle area’s Daphne Loves Derby. A four piece of twentysomethings who’ve learned to stretch their legs on their second album Goodnight, Witness Light (on Outlook Records). Vocalist Kenny Choi’s voice has improved from sometimes straining to effortlessly emotive and full. Every aspect of the band has been elevated to a higher level. The transition from one track to the next was well thought out. DLD have found their stride and no longer second guess their steps.

“Cue the Sun” shows vulnerability and strength (And if I don’t come home tonight/Just know I tried my best to fight/Please don’t think I plan to lose to the night) in knowing that trying to get past your fears no matter how small takes courage. “To Struggle with Light Colors” finds DLD looking back on mistakes in love and life (She always said I was too silent/And I never found the words to entertain her/Maybe I tried just too hard to always be clever/While she always starved for simple words to keep her safe). Choi has become more confident, despite the mention of “the beast” that stays close behind, as mentioned in the bands debut “On the Strength of All Convinced.” There are tales of strained relationships (“The Best Part About It Honey”, missing home (“Hello Color Red”), and learning not only about yourself but just how big the world is(“No One Is Convinced”).

They’ve come a long way, and deserve all the good that comes their way.
Goodnight, and good luck. — Naimah Holmes

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