Matt&Kim by Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

I’ve often wondered what would happen if the tall guy I often see in the local thrift store and the girl from the art center in town got together and made music; I can only hope that it would be half as great as these spunky Brooklynites. Matt & Kim power through 10 brutally poppy tracks and never miss a beat. You might just have to hit pause in an attempt to catch your breath. From the toe tapping “It’s a Fact (Printed Stained),” to the spazy “YeaYeah,” this band is a guaranteed party starter. You won’t be able to keep still, and by the time you get to “Lightspeed” you’ll be begging for mercy. This is without fail my new musical crush. They’re fun, spontaneous, energetic, and playful. They’ve got it all and I want some more! — Naimah Holmes

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