New Young Pony Club

According to Melissa…

So yeah, I don’t do this often… or at least consistently to the point where it’s an actual feature. Let’s pretend for a second that I share a new band every day; every day you read this blog (we’re pretending, remember?) and you come across the “band of the day” feature (still pretending). Your curiosity compels you to click on the featured band. Your ears are then assaulted with sounds that blow your senses out of orbit. PRETEND! Well I’ve got one for your ear drums to dance on beat to.

New Young Pony Club
This is the part I hate, trying to persuade you to listen to a band just because I said so. Who cares what I have to say. I like what I like, just like you like what you like. This band makes me dance in my seat (or in my bed since that is where I am right now. Don’t get kinky, now). I’m a fan of the “’80s sound.” (“new wave” if you will) Give me heavy synths, flashy lasers as I call them, and gnarly dance beats any day. I am one happy camper. With that said, I like this band. Give them a listen, just a quickie (again, no kinky business). If you don’t like, I’ll give you back your money… yeah.

“Get Lucky” and “Ice Cream” are definitely worth a few listens. C’mon, what do you have to lose besides a few minutes of your life? Trust me, you would’ve used those minutes on something far less productive. You know it’s true.

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For you people out there who need visual aids, here’s a little something for your eyeballs:

“Ice Cream” video :

Now tell me you don’t like this band! Haahaa. So in love with them right now.

PS: They are currently our spotlight artists! Check ’em out here!