Robbers and Cowards by Cold War Kids

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If you ever wondered if redemption and regret had a sound, it does. You can find that and more on Cold War KidsRobbers and Cowards. A husband and father whose alcoholism is taking ahold of him in “We Used to Vacation” he warns no one in particular “I promised to my wife and children I’d never touch another drink in my life again / But even then it sounds so soothing to mix a drink and sink into oblivion.” “Hang Me Up to Dry” is a wise choice as a first single with a chorus that begs its listener to end it all wailing “Now hang me up to dry, you wrung me out too too too many times.”

The men of Cold War Kids have surely made their mark in the snobby genre of indie rock, by blending gangly guitars, a singers’ tortured and soothing voice, and an atmosphere all their own. The songs seem to be an confession for its characters; while they may be able to admit their wrongs, we don’t expect change from them. Robbers and Cowards has a sense of familiarity to it, like running into a friend you haven’t seen in years while drowning your sorrows in a bottle at 3AM. — Naimah Holmes

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