Video that made my night!

I don’t watch music videos too often. Usually if I do it’s because I’ve inserted a CD into my computer that has some kind of automatic pop-up program where the video is an option to watch. However, tonight, I found myself cleaning out my apartment getting ready for the move to California and there it was. A Dual Disc CD/DVD with music videos on it. I initially put it in because Ambulance LTDs video for Stay Where You Are was on it. And being an Ambulance addict I had to watch it on my big screen. After watching Stay Where You Are I decided to skim through the rest of the videos… that’s when I discovered the music video/band that made my night… TOWERS OF LONDON!

Now I’ve met Towers of London, I’ve heard stories about the chaos that surrounds them, but I’ve yet to hear the music. Not only was the video too amusing to tear my eyes away — the song was awesome! I love when I find music I like!

The moral of the story? Click + watch the music video for How Rude She Was by Towers of London!