late night mix

Late night is probably one of the best times to listen to music. When you’re working on a project, whatever that may be, or laying in bed trying to push away the day’s worries (and the ones tomorrow brings). You lose yourself in the melodies and find yourself at ease. You’ll pop in your favorite album, or hook up your iPod and let the little machine of wonder pick the songs for you. Or you’re a total nerd and surf for hours on MySpace for new bands. Well, my friends, I did the latter and compiled a small list. Perhaps one or many of these songs will entice you to investigate the artist further and who knows, maybe they’ll become your new Band of the Moment! Anything’s possible. So here I present to you my Late Night Mix!

Magic 8 – “Wonderful Smile”

The Duke Spirit – “Love Is An Unfamiliar Name”

The Hells – “Alone In The Graveyard”

Damone – “Out Here All Night”

Boy Kill Boy – “Suzie”

Young Love – “Discotech”

Art Brut – “Moving To LA”

The Outfit – “I Got”

Oh No! Oh My! – “I Have No Sister”

Tilly & The Wall – “Bad Education”

Under The Influence Of Giants – “Mama’s Room”

Tin Bangs – “City Lights”

Delta Spirit – “Street Walker”

The Golden Republic – “She’s So Cold”

I need some sleep.