Apefight, Apefight! by Ape Fight

Released: April 27, 2006

Ape Fight | Apefight, Apefight! | Rating: 11/11 | Reviewed by: Mystie Chamberlin |

Punk wizards Ape Fight has once again made an album focusing entirely on the music industry’s holy trinity of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. The self-produced, self released, self-titled (but spelled as one word repeated) CD was released on April 27, 2006 and these apes have created an amusing sequel to their first releases (Never Forever Again and 2001’s EP, Knife Fight) that is so good you’ll listen to it again and again (as the song about their stomping ground proclaims). Thanks in large part to the mixing of guitarist Mod Alien (whose better known as the guitarist in Elefant),Apefight, Apefight! improves upon the banter of the first album by incorporating between song aural bonuses such as orgasms, voice mail messages, and pissing. Hilarious songs such as “My Scientific Technique” or “Bong Hits, Hand Jobs and Food” may not be family fun, however open-minded, fun-loving extroverts will appreciate the flamboyant, do-it-yourself style created for the best reason of all: the fuckin’ hell of it! Also Recommended: Art Brut’s Bang Bang Rock & Roll – the English Ape Fight.

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