Editors @ Blue Note

Editors | Blue Note (Columbia, MO) | April 15, 2006 |

The Editors took the stage in front of a moderately-sized and rather tame audience. The UK band began strong, much to the credit of vocalist Tom Smith, his baritone voice may be compared to leads of Interpol or Stellastarr*; the latter to follow The Editors’ set on this night.

The band seemed to spark some recognition with their latest single, “All Sparks,” but failed to get the audience hopping. The crowd may have been content to politely watch and listen to the melancholy tunes.

The Editors are promoting their debut CD, The Back Room, which was released in the US in March. They played most, if not all, of the songs on the album. My only criticism is that the songs were on the long end, and at their finish began to sound alike. But overall, The Editors played well and put on a good live show.

— Jennifer F.