Brazilian Girls by Brazilian Girls

Released: February 1, 2005

Brazilian Girls | Brazilian Girls | Rating: 9/11 | Reviewed by: Jennifer F. |

The first full length record from Brazilian Girls is one of diversity and beauty, incorporating five different languages, electro, punk, pop, and dance music in an enchantingly unique way. From the first track, the listener is kept enticed for the duration. Keyboardist Didi Gutman has been quoted as saying, “It’s a collective. A community in which musicians, DJs, poets, painters and bonvivants exchange ideas… We were able to freely experiment with the music without restrictions and expectations.” 

This experimental approach seems to have worked in this case. Brazilian Girls is melodical and vocally soothing, thanks in part to the multitalented singer Sabina Scuibba. Having the lyrics sung in different languages only added to the ambiance of the record. The vocals were customed-fit to complement the melodies of each track. In this way French, Spanish, German, Italian and even English were tools imposed into making a memorable album. 

This record is diverse in its ability to establish itself as playable in an assortment of situations. Brazilian Girls could just as easily be played as an object of intense focus by a listener or simply as a soothing background or soundtrack. In either case, it wins and is enjoyable. Even if not played religiously by its owner, this album should be acquired and listened to at least once.

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