Please Describe Yourself by Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Dogs Die In Hot Cars | Please Describe Yourself | Rating: 10/11 | Reviewed by: Jennifer F. |

Released: October 26, 2004

With songs entitled, “I Love You ‘Cause I have To,” and “Who Shot the Baby?” and a glance through the artwork in the insert of the disc (namely, a photo with all the band members’ heads imperceptibly placed on a diverse group of naked bodies), you begin to realize that this band may be a bit out of the ordinary. This could be either good or bad, but in the case of Dogs Die In Hot Cars, it is indeed a good thing. 

This perceived fearlessness helps them write commentaries that attack the norm. A track called, “Somewhat Off the Way,” for instance, asserts that maybe the teachers in school are incorrect in their lessons, and struggling hard at a job may teach you other life lessons that in of themselves are valuable and fulfilling, not stifling. Perhaps a degree has less weight than is initially perceived. The theme of making one’s own value system and disregarding the popular opinion is echoed throughout the album, particularly in songs like “Lounger” and “Glimpse At the Good Life.” 

Even if you disagree with Dogs Die in Hot Cars in their unconventional messages, Please Describe Yourself is an enjoyable listen. Upbeat and fun in melody, this record is consistent and solid. It is perhaps even a shift in outlet for angst-driven musicians from the classic grunge of the past.

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