The Killers @ Washington University

The Killers | Washington University (St Louis, MO) | April 17, 2004 |

Las Vegas, NV natives The Killers performed to a crowd of about eighty on Saturday night in an obscure local on the Washington University campus in St. Louis. The venue (more like room) was to the side of what seemed to be an indoor student cafe, partially curtained off from the rest of the “cafe.” It was a good setting for the up-and-coming band, inches away from the audience. The Killers, who took their name from a fictional band in a New Order musical video, have great potential. They connected with a few members in the audience who bopped their heads along to every beat, some even sang along. Those who hadn’t heard of the band quickly got the gist and joined in.

Although the show started late, the band played for about half an hour, kicking things off with “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine,” a song sharing a title with that night’s headlining act stellastarr*. Neither song sounded similar, so the comparisons ended there.

Brandon Flowers (lead singer) kept things lively by splitting his time between singing and playing keyboards. He conveyed great emotion and charisma with each song. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci was not to be outdone, he stood out of his chair behind the drum set numerous times, sweat drenching his buttoned up green shirt and pouring off his animated face. Very entertaining to watch. On either side of the stage stood Dave Keuning (guitar) and Mark Stoermer (bass), showing less appeal but adding tremendous depth to the band’s sound and performance.

Notable songs performed were “Mr. Brightside,” the insistent “Smile Like You Mean It,” “Indie Rock & Roll,” and the band’s latest infectious single “Somebody Told Me.”

Their sound isn’t too off the wall that no one will attract to it but they’re an act worth catching … before they blow up and small campus venues no longer hold them.

— Melissa Lozano