The Wildhearts @ Stubbs BBQ

The Wildhearts | Stubbs BBQ (Austin, TX) | April 13, 2004 |

Not very many bands can successfully open for a band like The Darkness: a band very rich in character; but The Wildhearts pulled it off. In fact, I can’t think of a better pairing!

When The Wildhearts took the stage to a sold out crowd at Stubbs BBQ, it was still daylight outside. Seeing as it was a Tuesday night, most people were still trinkling into the venue. That did not stop The Wildhearts from rockin’ out in a Cheap Trick meets Guns N Roses/Metallica tour kind of way. Ginger, the frontman and head musical genius of the group, kept the audience alert with his consistent remarks to the crowd between songs regarding how unimpressed the back half of the audience seemed to be. He even made a $10 bet with everyone in the back of the venue that they’d be converted to rockin’ out by the end of the set … and they were!

Song highlights from the night include “Beautiful Thing You,” “Greetings From Shitsville,” and their current single “Vanilla Radio.” With lyrics like “you look so good in your girlfriend clothes / you’re gonna score tonight for sure,” and the look of an aging 80s hair band, The Wildhearts will rock you for sure!