Gavin DeGraw

Interviewers: Jennifer F. and Jesica Fowler |

HV: Do you have any interesting stories from the road or crazy fan stories? 
Gavin: No! 

HV: No crazy, stalker experiences or anything? 
Gavin: Well, people keep giving me Krispy Kremes. 

HV: And you don’t know why they’re doing this? 
Gavin: I think I said once that I liked Krispy Kremes, now everyone gives me Krispy Kremes. 

HV: If you could tour with any band who would it be? 
Gavin: The Beatles. 

HV: Do you have a favorite or least favorite place to play? 
Gavin: A grocery store. 

HV: As your least favorite? 
Gavin: Yeah. 

HV: You’ve played in a grocery store? 
Gavin: No, but I imagine it would be horrible… I don’t think I have any least favorite places. I just like to play live. 

HV: And the audiences all over have been responding well? 
Gavin: Yeah. 

HV: What’s your favorite part of being a musician? 
Gavin: I just like playing. I’d be happy playing at home. I’m happy playing for people. I just like playing. 

HV: What’s the first band you saw live? 
Gavin: Van Halen, I think. 

HV: How old were you? 
Gavin: I think I was 13 or 14. 

HV: It was a good experience? 
Gavin: Yeah, it was great. I think it was a festival thing. 

HV: What job would you be doing if you weren’t a musician? 
Gavin: I don’t know, that’s hard to say. I might go back to college, but I don’t know for what. 

HV: What did you go to college for? 
Gavin: I mostly went for music… But I maybe would finish college or go to law school. Maybe I’d go to medical school and be a doctor or something. It’s hard to tell. But there are always federal loans out there to help you go to school. There’s always a grant somewhere, you just have to look for it. 

HV: What are you currently listening to? 
Gavin: A lot of old country, old soul. I like all that stuff. 

HV: Any particular bands? 
Gavin: Sure. I really like Hank Williams. Marvin Gaye, I’ve been listening to. 

HV: What do you do on tour in your spare time? 
Gavin: Play football. When we get off the bus, I like to play football. On the bus, a lot of writing. There’s not much to do, you’re trapped on a bus with a bunch of guys talking about your antiperspirant problems. 

HV: Is there something about you that would surprise people if they knew? 
Gavin: I don’t know what would surprise people. I’m pretty normal. I guess I like to please people; I like to make people happy. But I don’t know if people would be surprised by that. 

HV: What’s your earliest or most memorable childhood memory? 
Gavin: I was at my uncle’s farm once and I remember he told me not to look the dog in the eye, and I did, and he bit me right in the face. 

HV: How old were you? 
Gavin: I was four. 

HV: Did you have to get stitches? 
Gavin: Not that time, but another dog bit me later, and I had to get stitches then. He bit me and his tooth came here, under my eye and just ripped it, and the bottom tooth came in here (cheek) and just ripped and took my face off, so I had to get stitches for that one. 

HV: How old were you then? 
Gavin: Fourteen. 

HV: Do you have any guilty pleasures? 
Gavin: Sure. I just like to go to bars. I like hanging out with my guy friends at bars. I like wasting time. One of my favorite things to do is procrastinate. But I’m pretty normal, I like hanging out, shooting pool. 

HV: All right, that’s all our questions, thanks!