Kill Hannah @ The Outland

Kill Hannah | The Outland (Springfield, MO) | November 7, 2003 |

After two local bands finished their set, the Chicago rock band known as Kill Hannah took the stage. They performed at the Outland venue in Springfield, Missouri at around 11pm. The low-key crowd immediately took interest. The bands’ five members include Mat on guitar who also provides the voice, Jon on lead guitar, Greg on bass guitar, Garret on drums, and Dan on guitar. They each stepped on stage ready to rock.

On each of the guitars, a light tube was attached providing a unique style. And adding to their distinctiveness was a smoke machine that provided an interesting effect. The band had great energy and enthusiasm throughout their set. The show was not only sound appealing, but visually as well. The guys provided a certain style to the band with their unkempt hair and under eye glare that worked well for them.

Once the guys stepped onto the stage, they grabbed their instruments and took their positions. The crowd cheered, and the smoke breezed over the stage as the sounds of the first song, “Boys and Girls,” filled the venue. The Outland was a bit chilly, so the guys were bundled up in sweaters and jackets. After a few songs, the guys heated up and so did the venue.

Kill Hannah played several songs from their latest album, For Never and Ever including, “They Can’t Save Us Now,” “10 More Minutes With You,” “From Now On,” “Raining All The Time,” “Unwanted,” “Is Anyone Here Alive,” and “Kennedy.” They also played a few earlier songs not on the album including, “Goodnite,” and “Hyperactive.”

After the last song, the guys stepped off the stage for a short break and a deserving drink of water while the crowd cheered for more. While the smoke continued to fill the room, the band stepped out on the stage for one last song which they titled, “Welcome to Chicago, Mother Fuckers.” The crowd went wild.

Each song provided the audience with a unique rock sound and killer power chords. Along with the captivating musical sound, there were masterfully written lyrics presented that the audience had fun singing along to while they danced and jumped around.

The sound, energy, special visual effects, and the overall look of Kill Hannah made for the perfect performance and a show that no one should miss if they can help it. Anyone who has a chance to attend a show should definitely check it out.

— Jesica Fowler