Ben Lee @ Blue Note

Ben Lee | Blue Note (Columbia, MO) | November 3, 2003

The talented Ben Lee opened for Phantom Planet in an 11 song, 50 minute set. Lee’s conviction in his music was respectable and his multi-talented back up was also impressive. The guitarist, McGowan, also tried his hand at the drums whilst playing the guitar and the keyboardist, Laura, switched between drums to keyboard to both at once. Ben Lee himself also alternated between bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and controlling a drum machine, or as he put it, “Bust a phat beat.”

The band performed several songs off of their latest release, Hey You, Yes You, including more mellow songs like, “Run,” and “On and On,” as well as more rockable songs like, “Running with Scissors,” and “Dirty Mind.” Ben Lee also played songs that predated Hey You, Yes You including, “Ship My Body Home,” and “Pop Queen.”

The show was entertaining even for those that weren’t familiar with the music. The Australian musician was an engaging and fearless act, announcing to the crowd, “If your cock’s as big as your mouth, meet me in the back after the show.” His personality was a highlight, but the music also stood on its own as a solid group of works.

— Jennifer F.