Logic Will Break Your Heart by The Stills

The Stills | Logic Will Break Your Heart | Rating: 9.5/11 | Reviewed by: Jennifer F. |

Released: October 21, 2003

The Stills, Logic Will Break Your Heart, was released on Atlantic Records in October of 2003. This debut album by the Canadian band is of sound quality both musically and lyrically. The deep, rich voice of singer Tim Fletcher is fitting to the haunting and pained themes of loss of love throughout the disc. 

All songs share a maturity and dark beauty but among the best are “Lola Stars and Stripes,” “Animals and Insects,” “Still In Love Song,” “Gender Bombs,” and “Fevered.” The songs come together well with neither vocals nor instruments dominating. Fletcher’s words are confident and knowing in their expression. The poetic lyrics flow nicely with the music. Among the most memorable lyrics are, “The days seem to pass / The clouds move too fast / Loving you is a black hole,” and “Blood streaming from my palms and my feet / I’ll bring the heavens down screaming with me/oh my god.” 

The music is steady and solid as it follows then leads the lyrics in an effort to articulate love, loss, and heartache as novel and unique concepts when logic would suggest their inevitability. This is perhaps best articulated through the last lines of the album, which give insight into the title of the disc: “Nothing lasts forever / I hope this last forever.” This disc is a beautiful piece of art that is sure to last forever.

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