Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid by Elefant

Elefant | Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid | Rating: 10/11 | Reviewed by: Jesica Fowler |

Released: April 8, 2003

Elefant is a New York based band made up of four members, Diego Garcia (vocals), Mod (keyboard), James Jeffrey Berall (bass and backing vocals), and Kevin McAdams (drums). Their album, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, consists of 10 tracks squeezed into thirty-two minutes of fun and upbeat tunes. The album is a great piece filled with British pop sounds, catchy and refreshing melodies, dance grooves, contagious rhythms, and yet still presented in a rock and roll format. 

“Make Up,” “Now That I Miss Her,” and “Misfit” are a few of the catchy and get-up-and-dance songs of the album. James Jeffrey Berall provides some good bass rhythms in the song “Make Up” as well as on other songs on the album. “Make Up” also speaks for the entire album when the lyrics suggest, “get up and dance around the room.” You’ll definitely want to do just that. 

The song titled, “Bokkie” also has some very nice guitar melodies with simple, but honest lyrics such as, “And people tell you you’re pretty yeah / Your smile drives them crazy lady / You wanna slowly fade away, but you can’t / So you stay with me.” “Tonight Let’s Dance” will grab your attention not only will its catchy dance melodies appeal to you, but the lyrics will as well. 

The sounds of Elefant have also been compared to that of early U2. With the title track, “Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid,” that is more apparent. “Misfit” could also be compared with a Strokes-ish familiarity. Elefant is definitely one to provide there own sound vibe and style, however. Keep an eye out for Elefant and put them on your list of CDs to buy if you haven’t already. This album is truly a great one, but don’t take my word for it, go out and see for yourself.

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