High Voltage was born out of a desire to help the underdog. Therefore, it was only fitting that we expand the company to include multiple ways we could give back to the artists who need it most. While we pride ourselves on being able to work within your budget, please remember we still have to eat, pay bills and generally survive too.

Interested to hear more about the below options? Email us: holla(at)iamhighvoltage(dot)com


Are you looking for career advice and an honest opinion? International help (or perhaps you’re an international artist that needs USA contacts)? Want to book better gigs but don’t know how? Looking for a producer, label, publisher, manager, etc? Or perhaps just looking for someone to keep the band details organized? If you answered yes to any of those questions, High Voltage can help! With over 20 years of combined music industry experience – why not hire us to help you sort out the bullshit!

On the flip side, we also help many start-ups, apps and brands connect to their audience through meaningful introductions, first hand business development strategies and general support.



Understanding social media can be a headache and taking the time to properly manage your channels can prove to be a giant bore/chore. We’re here to help! Through the basic concepts of social media and marketing (in general), High Voltage can help you grow, engage and eventually monetize off your digital audience.



Hiring someone to get you reviews is never a guarantee for results. Publicity is all about relationships, especially when it comes to smaller independent bands. We’ve been building these relationships for 10 years and while we do service a plethora of outlets with the hope of reviews, we don’t place all our eggs in that basket. In fact, we like to think outside the box and find unique opportunities for our clients to gain exposure. Album reviews are just an added bonus!