“Plastic Soul” By Mondo Cozmo

The Who: Mondo Cozmo (Los Angeles, CA) The What: “This is Mondo Cozmo and I was given a budget to make a video for my song, “Plastic Soul,” but instead I donated that money to the Best Friends Animal Society and shot the video with my phone. The video features dogs that are all available for adoption so if you like any […]

Mondo Cozmo (El Rey Theatre)

El Rey Theatre | Los Angeles, CA | September 26, 2017 | Photo Credit: Emery Becker It was Mondo Cozmo’s first hometown show after having spent half of the year on the road thrashing about on stages in Europe and the U.S. After taking the stage and powering through a batch of songs,the first spoken words out of Josh Ostrander’s […]

Mondo Cozmo (Grammy Museum)

The Grammy Museum | Los Angeles, CA | August 30, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images | If there’s any one thing to appreciate about Josh Ostrander – and, in truth, there are many such things – it’s how gifted he is at the art of the story. Speaking in his native blue-collar truth-tongue, the Philadelphia native gave Grammy Museum […]

Plastic Soul By Mondo Cozmo

“THE MOST IMPORTANT DEBUT ALBUM OF ALL TIME.” – Cozmo (Mondo’s dog) Mondo Cozmo | Plastic Soul | Rating: 8/11 The above pretty much negates the need for anyone else anywhere to write a subsequent review for this damned album. That’s right Billboard, Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound, et al; shut it down, cease and desist because there is […]

“Automatic” By Mondo Cozmo

The Who: Mondo Cozmo (Los Angeles, CA) The What: 2017 is officially the year of Mondo Cozmo (one of the best overnight success stories in music that only took 10+ years) but, as you can tell by “Automatic” – our new Video Of The Week – tour life in a band is NOT for the faint of heart. There’s sound checks, hopping […]

The Soul Shine of Mondo Cozmo @ SXSW

Without the benefit of being a fly on the wall, a warm body in the room, a player at the label or a close personal friend or colleague along for the often treacherous ride, the perspective of an outsider with unimpeded love for an artist’s work is the place where we tend to come from, the lane that most of […]

Mondo Cozmo (The Troubadour)

The Troubadour | Los Angeles, CA | March 1, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images Mondo Cozmo is OG; a Philadelphia son. He celebrates friendship by leading the room in a triple round of “Hip hip, hooray!” His beer and gear will become show casualties. The lady of his life will publicly “suffer” his honors for her love and sacrifice […]